Sunday, February 13, 2011


My boyfriend used to work a job that was mainly evenings/nights which meant Toby had his company during the day when I was at work, and at night when I was home. Toby has always been a friendly cat but not a lap cat by any means. When we say that he's "cuddling" we mean that he's on the same piece of furniture as us, possibly touching us with a paw. More often than not, he'll sit a little distance away, keeping an eye on us. The other week he was spending a lot of time actually sitting against my legs purring and being within easy petting distance which I attributed to Toby knowing I needed extra comfort due to my anxiety.

This weekend Toby has been almost constantly near one of us. Sitting on our feet while we watched Monty Python and Cats 101. Curling up against my leg while I napped. Following my boyfriend to the couch and leaning against him while he was working. He did get up and move around during Bad Dog and he did insist on playing fetch for an hour, but otherwise Toby has been incredibly cuddly compared to his normal.

I'm not sure if it's because boyfriend changed jobs and is now on a schedule similar to mine so Toby hasn't had as much attention during the day as he was used to or if it's because I'm sick. Yes, the massive amounts of television watching and napping are because I'm fighting off yet another stupid nasty cold. My dad asked if Toby was avoiding me to stay healthy and I told him Toby was actually being really affectionate. Pretty sure from what I know of kitty URIs that the virus I've got likely won't infect him. I know that cats can get some versions of the flu bug though so happy I don't have that!

What do you think? Is Toby being more affectionate and cuddly because he's been lonely during the work week? Is it because he knows I'm cranky and sick? Or some combination of the two?

My first thought was that the apartment might be cold (he cuddles much more when it's cold in here!) but my boyfriend swears the temperature is normal, even to someone who isn't sick.

The cause is a mystery but I do appreciate the result of the sweet cuddly cat!

He's not 100% cuddly though, he did almost attack the tv during Bad Dog. Boyfriend suggested Toby wants to be famous.


lora96 said...

My doggies stand sentinel on the couch/bed when I'm sick or upset and curl up on my feet (or in Puppy's case, sleep on my stomach). They're pretty sensitive to our moods and needs. My guess is that Toby's noticed the change in routine but is more concerned about you than anything. Feel better!

London Mabel said...

Aww maybe a combo of both. He may get snugglier as he gets older too--that happens subtly.

Sierra said...

Strangely, Elwing is getting more cuddly now that E is working at home. He spends all day trying to sleep in E's lap, and then cuddles next to me on the couch when I come over. I think the increased socialization is helping, too, because he didn't run away from my sister when she came by on Sunday. He walked right up to her and asked for pettings. :)

HubbleSpacePaws said...

So, did you come to any conclusion? I was sick with back to back colds for weeks and spent most not working time in bed. It was as if the girls were velcroed to me. Now that I'm well, not so much!! LOL!

Bethany said...

Sorry about your cold, Hubble! Pretty sure Toby was just lonely. He's been staying on the bed more at night now that he's alone during the day and although he always greeted us at the door, he's much more insistent about 5 minute flank rubs!