Friday, July 24, 2009


I've never had kittens. My Toby is 2 years old and I met him when he was almost 1. I've fostered 6-, 2-, and 14-year old cats (oddly all male) and Toby's "sister" was a year older than him.

I'm fostering three kittens now. Two months old. They're cute and adorable but exhausting. Even supposedly on painkillers from their surgeries they're hyper and exploring everything.

They're reminding me to not stop exploring and testing. When I fall I should imitate the kittens and jump back up with more energy and exuberance than one would think possible. They think everything is a toy and something to play with and explore.

I'm also learning...
-kittens can clamp their mouths pretty darn tight when they don't want a pain killer.
-Yesterday's News does not absorb smells as well as World's Best Cat Litter. I can't go back to WBCL until after their stitches heal though.
-Toby is extremely patient
-a kitten "growl" can be heard while the kitten is nomming on a My Little Pony Happy Meal toy
-no bite/lick spray is really attractive to kittens for licking (this was not good!)
-a kitten in an E-collar is ridiculously adorable

I'll post photos as soon as I get my camera working again. Off to TAFA this weekend and pretty excited. Jarrod is going to check on the kittens during the day so they're not going all day without a person. So grateful to him for that.

Oh, the kitten runnig around with the tiny My Little Pony toy in his mouth might beat out the E-collar as most adorable...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New article

Go click!

I tallyed up my earnings...they almost paid for the calming treats I bought Toby to help him deal with fostering.

I should probably apply for a second job at Big Bad Woof (awesome pet supply store in Takoma Park) just for the product discount...
Living Ruff (equally awesome in Silver Spring) isn't hiring so far as I can tell. Still all one totally awesome family.