Thursday, October 21, 2010


After a great deal of thought, I'm going to spend some time this weekend getting posts ready and cleaning up Capital Animals so that I can post on a more regular schedule with better content in the future. If you have any feedback (criticism, compliment, or complaints are all welcome! Well, within reason.) I'd love to hear it so I can work on making this a better blog. It will still be driven primarily by what I think/want to write about (I'm selfish that way) but if there's something you've loved and want to see more of or hate and want to never see again, that'd be good to know. Photos of Toby will still continue. Just to let you know. He's adorable.

If there are no compliments I'll assume you're super happy with everything the way it is, have no advice, and want Toby to rule Earth.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Welcome You Back with Electronica Cats

I've been absent as of late partially because of work and partially because I was busy outside of work. Last week was my birthday and amongst other awesome times and gifts, my brother gave me amazing cat toys that amuse Toby (and thus me, too) for hours on end.

My brother is pretty awesome. I'm hoping once I get out to visit him in El Paso that can maybe score a visit to the border patrol dogs who apparently are in high demand and just as awesome in real life as they seem via news stories. He also likes electronic music, from what I understand (I'm kind of awful at keeping up with people's music tastes).

So, in honor of him and tomorrow's National Feral Cat Day:
Cats playing electronica

Happy Friday.