Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Leaping Bunny Reminder!

Don't forget that many animal lovers, even those who aren't vegetarian, avoid products that have been tested on animals. That's not a major issue with books, but if you're trying to pamper the hands of an animal-loving teacher with superb lotion or give a relaxing spa set to your stressed out wife, make sure to check Leaping Bunny to see if the manufacturer tests their products on animals.

Leaping Bunny admits that not every cruelty-free product is in their database, but it's fairly extensive. Another option is to browse manufacturer websites. Many companies have pages of information on their alternative testing methods. Make sure you're not fooled by green washing though. Many products that appear green (Herbal Essences, I'm looking at you!) aren't actually green or cruelty free.

That hand lotion would also be appreciated by many shelter workers. It's good practice to wash one's hands or disinfect between animals and that can dry out skin fast. I'll give a recommendation to The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector. It has a bit of an odd scent, but it feels amazing. Also, for your information, check out The Body Shop's statement against animal testing.  I will freely admit a soft spot for this company. They were the first store I shopped at where I didn't feel the need to check the ingredients of every product but could actually still afford a lot of the products!


London Mabel said...

Nice thing is that some mainstream brands now don't test--so it's easier to find shampoo and such. (St Ives, Down Under, Tres Semme.) (Ok they're not so much good for gift giving, but still.)

Bethany said...

I actually wouldn't mind a basket of St Ives products at Christmas! I always forget to buy exfoliates and end up using semi-crystalized honey.

So happy cruelty-free is becoming mainstream. Some of the alternate methods actually seem more reliable for safety and efficacy than a rabbit or a dog.