Saturday, December 4, 2010

All Healthy!

Finally went in for a full day of work on Friday. So grateful that my company allows us to work remotely. I was all set to go in tomorrow afternoon, but then Toby had a tablespoon or so of blood in his litter box. I freaked, called the vet for advice, and she said that she wanted to see him that afternoon.

Thankfully, he's healthy. She checked his glands while I experienced the oddness of having someone tell me to stand on the other side of the room because they don't want Toby associating me with that experience, and everything seemed fine. She gave me a preliminary diagnosis that he just has a sensitive colon and the extra treats I'd been giving him while I was sick (I had to bribe him to ignore the menthol smell somehow!) had just upset his system. She suggested a small amount of a gentle laxative and said she'd call with the lab results of the sample I'd brought in.

She called today to say the sample was clean!!!

Toby has been adorable destructive last night and this evening and everything seems good.  so I am incredibly relieved.

After looking over my budget for this month and the bill for the vet services--it's a darn good thing he's adorable. Signed over half my restaurant budget into the Pets column today. *sigh* the things we do for our loved ones.


Anonymous said...

I am *so* glad to be reading this - both of your recovery and Toby's clear bill of health! As I told you, my mom's dear puppy's name is Toby. He's old, blind, arthritic...but he hobbles by her patiently and slowly as she makes her way through the house with her walker, then gingerly crawls up onto her lap to snuggle once she's settled into the recliner we've put up for her in the ample kitchen (the heart of this house). Yes, it may take from your restaurant $$, but he'll love you all the more for the care.


lora96 said...

Wonderful! Glad you're better and love to toby! the vet mentioned that tuck could have a steroid shot after his surgery and it would make him more comfortable but "most people don't want to pay for it" wtf? I was all, 25 dollars? Give it to him!

London Mabel said...

Oh my! (Just catching up with some blog reading, hence my very late comment.) Glad Toby is well. :-)

My late cat Sherry had colitis or something. He had bloody stool and diarrhea until we put him on a rice&lamb special crunchy food. But he didn't like it much, so his appetite wasn't big.

Then I switched to the "cats shouldn't eat carbs" camp and fed him soft food that was very high in protein, very low in carbs. He didn't get blood on that diet either, but also loved it so he finally gained weight.

Ohhh les pets. The cause of so much joy and anxiety!