Friday, December 17, 2010

Best part of working at home

The heat is broken at my office today so I'm working from home. I was just starting to get annoyed with an excel sheet (I love the program, but often have to check formatting formulas) when I heard a commotion to my left.

I turned and there was Toby.

Ignore the mass of gray fur that collected along the baseboard. I swear, I vacuum. That's just his favorite spot to roll and rub off his shedding fur.

Hope your Friday is just as full of joy as a cat in a bag playing with his favorite rattle ball.


lora96 said...

I love your cat in the bag picture!
And don't think for a minute that the reason I never post pics from inside my house is because there are dog toys and bowls and leashes everywhere unless you catch us ten minutes before a planned family gathering arrives...nope, not me, no. And I never get up to pee in the middle of the night and damage the arch of my bare foot on a squeaky toy either. Much too dignified for all that.

Christopher said...

Hey, that's my present!

Bethany said...

Thanks for the compliment on Toby's bag, lora! I've also never ever passed up a chance to post a photo because of toys and clutter!

@Chris--I mentioned that I got the awesome toy from you in my gift suggestions a few posts back! He loves it and has figured out how to get it off the door and bring it over to me. Woke up to him holding the mouse over my head the other morning, looking super pleased!