Thursday, January 29, 2009

Star Struck

Victoria Stilwell from "It's Me or the Dog" is amazing to me. She is so patient with animals and so good at helping people understand and work with their pets. Plus, so put together while dealing with stressful situations... yes, she is up there with Jenna Fisher ("The Office" star who often talks about how she used to work with homeless cats and has done fundraisers for them) in my mind, even though I haven't seen Victoria Stilwell on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Why do I mention this? Just to gush? No, because she is a honorary cochair of the Washington Humane Society's Third Annual Fashion for Paws, taking place March 28, 2009.

I was already planning on volunteering for the event just because it's a great fun fundraiser for WHS. Now I'm a little starstruck that I might get to be in the same room as such a fantastic dog trainer. I wonder if she'll ever do a show with cats. I use some of her tips when working with Toby.

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