Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alternative to the Super Bowl

Most people love the Super Bowl or at least love the commercials. For those of us who don't...there's Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl with adorable adoptable puppies playing and kittens doing the halftime show. Puppy Bowl is in its fifth year but it'll be my first time watching it. I've gone without cable for a long time so I'm really entertained that there is a day when I can just watch hours of cute puppies. Oh, and don't forget thirty minutes of kittens playing.

One aspect that I find really neat is that all the puppies and kittens are from shelters and are looking for homes. I hope they all get adopted quickly after their big day!

Apparently Puppy Bowl was inspired by the Christmas Yule Log program which I remember my dad playing on the kitchen tv while making Christmas breakfast. I usually have writing to do Sunday afternoon and the puppies and kittens will be a good distraction from any housework I need to do. I'm curious to see how Toby will respond to the noises and sights. I'll admit, I might flip over to check the score of the traditional big game during the commercials...or just dangle toys for my own hopelessly cute bundle of fur.

Above is a puppy from D.C. who should be going to his forever home soon, exactly what the Puppy Bowl puppies and kittens want.

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