Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cute April Fools

So I'm not a big April Fools person (funny how not liking surprises does that to a person), but I do usually enjoy Google's take on it.

This may be my favorite.

Google Translate for Animals

I wonder what Toby was saying this morning. Did "meow meow meow MROR!!!" mean "Do not wear that dress, do not wear that DRESS!!!!" (yes, I changed out of the dress, I realized it was too light for the wind today).

Maybe it was just "Play play play, don't leave!!!"


HubbleSpacePaws said...

ROFL! Must distribute widely! :-)

Anonymous said...

wow, that was great. I love the things that google actually takes the time to come up w. I thought that whole Topeka thing was great.

Anonymous said...

I can't watch the video yet - it'll eat up my memory but I get the gist and LOL!