Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank God for Kitties

I'm home from work today due to waking up at 3am, almost crying at how much my throat hurt, and then waking up again at 7 with no voice. I've been downing tea and using zicam chews that are supposed to help move colds along. I can't swallow cold water without crying in pain and my ultimate wimpiness in the face of sickness is plainly evident. Yet, after spending several extra hours sleeping and then watching Boston Legal, I have to praise Toby and Keen.

Both times when I woke up, Toby was curled up with me. After making my cup of tea and feeding him, I carried him back to the bed where he has stayed except for when I've gotten up to check work emails and the like.

Keen, who up until now hasn't really bonded with me or shown great affection, was super affectionate at 3am, and since then has shown me his belly, let me pick him up and hold him (yes, even at 25 I find holding a fuzzy kitty to be incredibly comforting when I'm in pain, sick, and pissed off that I'm missing both office bagel day and my second session of class--I really do not like skipping class but am also violently opposed to needlessly spreading germs on crowded metros, and, well, can't walk more then ten feet without getting dizzy). sum, I hate being sick, I turn into a cranky 5 year old, but dear god, my kitties are being awesome today, perm and foster alike. Nothing better for a cold.

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