Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hope in a Rough Day

Nikolai is going to his new home tonight which, while I'm totally thrilled by that, is a little bittersweet since I'll miss having a fuzzy cushion drying my feet as I brush my teeth. I'm happy for him though and excited to get my new foster kitty next week--14 year old grey and white male tabby named LeCat. Send well wishes to Nik at his new home and hope his new mom sends me some updates every so often :)

For once I'm going to write about people here though for the main post. Specifically, the kindness of strangers. There's a community on LJ, Cats_with_Claws in which I participate. I wrote a post there about a declawed older kitty with a health problem who was dropped off at my shelter over the weekend and how this upset me. A girl from Pennsylvania wrote back offering to make fliers and ask rescue workers she knew if they'd be willing to take the poor cat.

Now, I had written the post because I was upset over the human behavior that led to this cat being given up (wealthy couple with a dog who had declawed the kitty and then let her outside who were giving her up because, ohnoes! she needed daily medication after ten years). This girl's natural kindness helped balance that.

It's also a rough day for me because my grandmother got worse and is in the hospital. My normal reaction to this is to cry a bit, shove it down, get through the work day, and then cuddle my Tobycat. However, in a weird way, unrelated as it is, I can't help but think that if strangers are helping care for cats and making things better on that level, surely there's enough good energy in this universe to help my grandmother in whatever way she needs right now--faith, courage, strength, etc.

So the next time you do something nice for an animal, realize that you may be helping a person feel better, too.

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