Monday, March 16, 2009

I Think It's Progress...

Nikolai now can get to the top of the bed directly from the floor without using my ottoman as a stepping stool. He still scrambles a little and it's utterly adorable to watch. I ended up giving his butt a boost the first time because he looked like he was about to fall back to the floor tail first.

I think this is progress.

However, now Toby has to share the bed with another cat at night, which makes him look at Nikolai a little differently. I'm sure Toby will eventually get used to this--he accepted Bella sleeping next to me while he was at my feet--but right now it doesn't make him happy.

And it doesn't let me get a lot of sleep...

When I turned in Nik jumped up on the bed while Toby watched from the foot of the bed (and I supported Nik's bum). After a few sniffs, he jumped back down and headed for the shelf where he's been sleeping lately.

I woke up at 3am to a kitty altercation in the hallway where the one of the waterbowls is located. Also, where there may be some random kibble from when we play "chase the kibble!" as suggested by my vet (I throw the kibble, Toby races happily for it, eats it, and then looks at me for more to be thrown). When I got out of bed to check, Toby raced to the bed and leaped up with wide eyes and some mewing. Nik then trotted over to me and rubbed my ankles. I checked both for scratches and went back to sleep with Toby on the bed and Nik on the shelf.

At 6am I woke up to Nik jumping up on the bed and Toby scooting over to the side.

When I woke up again at 7:30, Toby was staring wide eyed from the radiator (4 feet away behind my desk) while Nik cuddled my feet and staring at Toby.

I'm okay with Nik being on the bed, but I don't want Toby feeling scared as a result. Now, I do understand that Toby is a bit of a scardey-cat and knows that he's smaller than Nik. I also am somewhat proud of Nik for no longer being scared of Toby and seeming to gain some self confidence.

Even more so my selfish side hopes that they figure out the bed thing so I can get some sleep tonight.

Every girl thinks she wants two males to fight over who gets to sleep with her, but really, only Angela of the Office wants it to be two cats.

Good thing they're so cute I can't stay mad at them.

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