Friday, March 13, 2009

Cats > Negative People

I got home today, my comparatively-short commute having been tripled in length by drivers doing apparently everything except driving, my headache seeming unlikely to improve given the blaring bass from my neighbor's apartment, and the frustration of a long day at the end of the long week making me extraordinarily cranky.

And Nikolai came up to me and mrowed? and headbutted my legs. And leaned into me. And showed me that I had been missed and was loved even though I wasn't perfect.

It helped. It helped a lot.

I made my dinner (sweet potato fries), discovered that my phone still wasn't working, and that the pattern of inconsiderate people was not abating.

And Nikolai began playing with his little bell bll and a stuffed mouse at the same time and I just had to laugh.

Inconsiderate and selfish people are totally trumped by this adorable kitty's antics and affection.

And lest you think Toby wasn't being cute--he meowed his demand for pets after Nikolai had gotten his. And is currently happily playing with his food ball (he has figured out that if he rolls it back and forth like a soccer player he still gets the food inside to fall out, but with far less effort than actually chasing it--not the intent, but it's still at least some activity, and it's darn cute to watch his determined little kitty face).


Thoughts said...

Isnt it funny how our pets can semi-erase a bad or frustrating mood or entire day?


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