Thursday, October 9, 2008

Walk for the Animals 2008

The third annual Humane Society Walk for the Animals raised over $97,000 to benefit The Humane Society of the United States and the Washington Humane Society's efforts to end pet homelessness, close puppymills, and conduct humane education outreach. Almost 2400 sponsors helped raise this money. The great thing is that the Walk raised so much, the sad part is that it's still below the Walk's goal of $150,000. However, although the Walk and activites were this past Sunday, October 5, donations will still be counted through November 7, 2008.

Want to give? Go to and donate.

What happened at the Walk? Humane education, great live music, Doga (yoga with your dog), doggie obstacle courses, catnip treat toy assembly, and of course lots of barking, tail wagging, people licking, and playing by the hundreds of assembled dogs and their owners. Yes, the owners wagged their "tails" as part of the pre-walk warmup. They also "pawed the air" and "kicked up dirt" as led by a certified fitness instructor.

The Walk is held every year near the National Mall and is a fabulous fundraiser that helps also raise awareness of the many issues facing animals through the nation as well as in the capital.

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