Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why I'm slow at cleaning

Aside from being easily distracted/overwhelmed by clutter due to my ADHD brain, Toby always gets extra cute and affectionate when I clean. So many flank rubs today!

Plus, he figured out how to bat open the doors to our dvd storage!

I keep trying to tell him that fetch will be more fun once I declutter and he has more room to run around, but I think he just sees me opening up spaces for him to explore and sitting on the ground as invitations to flank rub and head butt.


lora96 said...

I think Toby wants to watch Angel!

London Mabel said...

I always feel like cats are insulting when I clean up. They run around all "Ooh whatcha doing. What IS this exciting and RARE activity you are doing??"