Thursday, May 27, 2010

I was sick again

I had a bad lung infection that hit Monday and barely let up this past Sunday so I've been playing catch up ever since then. I'll write something good soon now that I'm feeling close to normal and Toby is no longer running scared from coughing fits.

He tried to be sweet and would curl up next to me on the bed but as soon as a coughing fit would start he'd dart off--eyes wide, fur up, fear evident in every bit of his body language--and hide under a chair where he would stare at me until the fit would subside. I don't blame him--those were some nasty coughing fits. Thank heavens for good medication.

Keene didn't seem to notice the fits other than that I was around more for him to bug about food. My previously underfed foster is starting to form a belly! I've started being more careful but it's hard not to give into his meows when food seems to make him so happy. He's an old man, surely he deserves some happiness?

I did also get to show up Keene's awesomely fierce playing skills to Jarrod while he kept me company. Keene's eyes turn completely black and he attacks his toys when they move close to meal time. Toby just bats playfully and leaps around. Keene goes nuts with lashing tail and fully extended claws. He does sometimes seem to forget what he's doing midleap though. There were a few times when he would miss the toy and just keep going into the middle of the room before stopping with a confused expression on his muppet face.

You should not laugh at a cat when this happens if you have a lung infection. To pay for the insult on their dignity, the universe will cause the laughter to morph into a long and painful coughing fit while the insulted cat strolls calmly to his food bowl.


Webbthistle said...

Sounds like we've gone through the same thing with lung infections. Aren't they the pits? The good news is that I had a great nurse-kitty...I was worried she would catch the infection from me, but she didn't

Your description of Keene's playing had me in hysterics! Fortunately my illness has mostly passed so no coughing fits.

Glad you are feeling better and can enjoy the cats!

Bethany said...

Thank you, Webthistle. Glad you're feeling better, too!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Awwww Bethany, sorry to hear about the illness and glad you're starting to mend.

Like Webbthistle, I laughed so hard over your description of Keene's antics. Now that's something to try to get on video!

Hope you finish mending quickly!!