Monday, May 4, 2009

Kitty Welcome and General Update

First, I would like to state how wonderful it is to be welcomed home by my Toby. I was out of town for a wedding this weekend (the happy couple fosters dogs in the Cleveland area and are an inspiration to me with their genuine kindness and love) and stopped by my apartment before heading to the office this morning.

Toby started meowing as soon as I got near the door. He squeezed through as I opened the door and started rubbing my ankles and headbutting me with super loud purrs. When I bent to take off my shoes he rose on his hind legs to headbutt my face! He then proceeded to follow me around as I dropped off my suitcase and grabbed a quick plain quesadilla from my fridge. He had food so I'm pretty sure he wasn't hungry.

When I sat down he immediately crawled into my lap and sniffed my head and headbutted me a few more times before crawling behind me on the cushion and curling up around me.

For all those who claim cats can't be affectionate--I counter with Toby's obvious happiness in having me home.

In a general update--Nikolai is doing well in his new home. The adopter was wonderful and sent me an update to let me know how his first night went which made me so happy. He seemed to be settling in and she seemed okay with his nervous tummy (he threw up the first night on her boyfriend while he slept). She's planning to continue his command training and promised photos and updates as things progress.

Tomorrow I will be picking up a new foster friend for Toby--14 year old grey and white tabby LeCat. He's an older male and pretty calm so I don't expect too much trouble. I met him the other week and he seemed sweet. I'm glad I'm not getting him tonight though. In a selfish way I really want to just curl up with my Toby tonight and not have to deal with keeping two cats separated on my first night back. It's an efficiency so the new cat lives in the bathroom for a few days. Toby again dragged a towel off the rack and into the litter box (like he did while I was in Europe) so I need to clean more than my super quick "sweep, spray, wipe!" while I was home for lunch. Thank God for flushable litter at least.

Cross your fingers that LeCat settles in well and isn't too scared by another cat and a new environment. I'll post a picture once I'm able. I hope Toby will enjoy his new friend. He prowled the apartment the night Nik left, meowing for his buddy.

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