Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm excited that tonight my old apartment community is having another of the cat adoption events I started while living there. It was my first time setting up such an event but I talked to the right people, pointed out how it was great for the community, connected people with each other, and set in motion events that led to multiple cats being adopted from a two hour event.

Your local shelter or rescue group probably holds adoption events, too. If you live in an apartment community that allows pets--cats or dogs--consider asking your community to host an event. If you don't live in a community like that, consider asking your favorite local business. My favorite cafe recently agreed to talk to our event coordinator about scheduling an event after I pointed out how perfect it was for them. The economy sucks right now and this is free advertising.

Top Three Reasons for a Business to Host a Shelter or Rescue Group

1. It's a social event that encourages members/patrons to connect with each other. Loyalty is good for any sort of business.

2. It associates the host with adorable animals and charitable works. Even though all the host needs to do is open its doors, people see the organizations that host events as caring and generous.

3. It's essentially free. While some hosts give discounts to volunteers or those who donate to a shelter (my favorite bar gave free nonalcoholic drinks to volunteers during the event and a discount on other drinks after), the vast majority give us water and access to restrooms. One didn't even give us water!

Just by speaking up you'll be helping the business, community, and animals. I'll admit I'm selfish and care mostly about the dogs and cats that get adopted. Whatever you value though, you're earning good karma just for a suggestion.

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